Bee My Baby Lakewood – We Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

At about 33 to 34 months, fantasy and pretend play starts to get more common. A child’s ability to use its imagination shows that the brain is developing. The child has the ability to think of things that aren’t real. At Bee My Baby Lakewood, we stimulate the children’s imaginations by playing dress up, acting out stories, and singing action songs. 

Bee My Baby has two locations serving the Cleveland, OH area: one daycare in North Olmsted and one daycare in Lakewood. We provide the highest quality daycare and childcare services with the finest childhood educators and teachers. Our preschools inspire a love of learning in children.  

Bee My Baby Lakewood Welcomes Imaginary Friends

Bee My Baby Lakewood Simulates Imagination

Some toddlers have imaginary friends. This is nothing that should cause you alarm. It’s quite natural at this age. These imaginary friends may be around all the time, or they may come and go. They could last for a little while or stay around for several years.

Toddlers who have imaginary friends may be better at interacting with real friends. This is because they have a chance to practice their language, thinking, and social skills with the pretend friend.

If your toddler has an imaginary friend, include the friend when your toddler says the friend is present. But don’t talk or play with the friend unless your toddler invites you.

Helping Your Child Learn at Home

Remember these two important facts about cognitive learning:

  1. Relationships, especially with parents, support toddler cognitive development.
  2. Toddlers learn best when they’re interested in an activity, so it’s good to let them lead play.

To creating a closer relationship with your child requires engagement. Ditch the cell phone and play a real game with your child, work a puzzle, read a story. 

Let your child chose an activity (perhaps from a list of suggestions you provide). Stop the activity when you see your child is growing tired of it. Remember that attention span at this age is only six to nine minutes.