School Age Preschool and Daycare in North Olmsted and Lakewood, Ohio

Bee My Baby is excited to accept school-aged children from kindergarten through twelve years of age. Our program is designed to be both developmentally appropriate and fun. School-age children are ready to be further challenged educationally and are ready to take the next steps in their physical, social, and emotional development. But they also need time for fun and relaxation.

Not only do we provide an amazing educational and developmental curriculum for these children, but we also provide activities that are solely dedicated to having a blast…like our exciting weekly field trips during our summer program or our fun themes and activities expressly designed to be exciting for the school aged child.

School Age Curriculum

Our School Age program’s curriculum is based upon the Cincy After School program, which incorporates the Ohio Department of Education’s Academic Standards, the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry, and Nine Program Components.

40 Developmental Assets

The 40 Developmental Assets used by the Cincy program are based upon research done by the Search Institute, a program created to discover what children need to succeed. There are three main themes for asset building in a school environment:

  • Building relationships with students
  • Creating supportive environments
  • Guiding proper reactions to the student’s own emotions
  • Connecting to instructionally sound programs and practices

Appreciative Inquiry

The design of the Cincy curriculum is based upon Appreciative Inquiry, a strength-based process developed by David C. Cooperrider of the Case Western School of Management. The program is focused on “finding out what works and getting more of it”, as opposed to “finding out what the problems are and getting rid of them”. Three sections of the program are specific to the Appreciative Inquiry Process:

  • The snack and chat time during which Tribe leaders will inquire about the day’s happenings from an appreciative perspective
  • Each lesson has an appreciative inquiry section geared to helping the students consider their own positive experiences related to the day’s lesson
  • Family Nights will focus attention on “the best thing that happened” between parents and children

Nine Program Components

There are nine program components incorporated into the Cincy after school program. Each component is adapted to be developmentally appropriate for our students. The components are:

  • Tutoring and Mentoring (oftentimes addressed through homework help)
  • Telecommunication and Technology
  • Career Exploration (primarily for older children)
  • Service-Learning Activities
  • Fine Arts
  • Leadership Development
  • Recreational Activities
  • Non-School Day Programs
  • Family Sessions