The Best Child Care Centers in Cleveland Make Safety a Priority

As one of the best child care centers in Cleveland and the surrounding area, Bee My Baby makes your child’s safety a top priority. We have several measures in place to ensure safety at our facility. We also instruct your children in safety practices relative to our activities and our facility. These instructions include playing safely with toys as well as playing safely on the playground. We also conduct fire drills to practice exiting the building safely.

It is extremely important for parents to teach their kids about fire safety at home. In this blog, the childcare experts at one of the best child care centers in Cleveland give you some safety recommendation for you to do at home. 

Talk About What To Do in Case of a Fire

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First explain to your child that, in rare cases, a house might catch on fire – from an electrical plug, the microwave, a fireplace, etc. This is also a good time to tell a child not to play with matches or fire starters. And then talk about what everyone in the family should do when the smoke alarm goes off or a fire is readily evident:

  • Get out of the house as quickly as possible by the closest exit.
  • Don’t stop to take anything with you.
  • Stay low (below the smoke) as you are moving through the house toward the exit.
  • Once outside, meet at the pre-agreed upon spot to make sure everyone is out of the house.

After practicing a few times, start to time the process and make it a goal to beat your best time.

Identify Safety Equipment in the Home

Hopefully you have these items in your home for safety:

  • fire extinguisher(s)
  • escape ladder (for two-story homes)
  • smoke alarms

Make sure your child knows where all these items are and what they are used for. You probably should set off a smoke alarm so that your child knows what it sounds like. As a fun way to remind children where these items are, include them on a scavenger hunt list.

Teach Children to Stop, Drop, and Roll 

It might be a little distressing for your child to think that he could be on fire. But making a game of stop, drop, and roll might make it feel less scary. You could integrate the command in the game of Red Light Green Light

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