The Best Cleveland Daycares Instill Love for Learning in Your Child

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As one of the best Cleveland Daycares, Bee My Baby sparks love for learning on a daily basis. One way to spark this love is to help children discover and explore topics that interest them. Fortunately, young children are very curious and open to learning about almost everything. It’s usually easy to see which topics really excite which children the most. And we focus in on that. So, parents, that’s why your child comes home with a bounce in his step or a twinkle in her eye. 

Three Ways Parents Can Support the Love for Learning at Home

You don’t have to be a professional educator to inspire a love for learning at home. Just try  these three methods at home, and you’ll be supporting what we do at Bee My Baby. Remember, time spent in a classroom is only part of the picture. Activities at home can help children become eager, life-long learners.

  1. Read books to your child. Start by giving your child a choice. That will help you know where the interest lies. Does your child love Llama Llama Red Pajama? Read other books in the series. Then read a non-fiction book about llamas. Get the idea? Reinforce and diversify.
  2. Get your hands dirty. Hands-on activities for children are at the top of the list for learning.  Whether it’s fingerpainting,  planting seeds, or cutting shapes in sugar cookies, do something tactile. 
  3. Reward the learning process. Praise your child for asking questions, experimenting, exploring, for success, for a good try. It’s all about learning to love the process, not just the outcome. in a new tab)

Two of the Best Cleveland Daycares Are In North Olmsted and Lakewood

Bee My Baby currently has preschools in North Olmsted, OH and preschools in Lakewood, OH. Our locations serve two of the best daycares Cleveland has to offer. We are excited to be introducing our Seasonal Program for the summer at these two locations. It’s a great  addition to our already amazing curriculum.