The Best Daycares in Lakewood Encourage Children to Help Themselves and Others

Best daycares in Lakewood help parents manage better.

Young parents find they have with very little time to spare. From working to household chores, to parenting, almost every minute of their day is filled. That’s why when it’s time to pick up the toys, or put away a child’s laundry, it’s much easier for a parent to do it than to allow the child to help.  But children (and parents) need to learn that helping themselves is a way to become independent and capable. The best daycares in Lakewood, like Bee My Baby, work hand-in-hand with parents to achieve this.

Independence Is Important

As your child learns to become independent, it’s important for parents to react appropriately when things get messy or don’t get done quickly enough. So, when the opportunities present themselves: 

  • Allow your child to learn from their mistakes. Show your child how to correct what went wrong.
  • Encourage your child as he or she performs tasks. This will help develop self-esteem and pride in a job well done and done independently. 

How to Encourage Independence

As we said before, it is hard for a parent not to do things for their children. But you must resist this if you want your child to become independent. And you should look for ways to encourage independence. 

One way to encourage your child to do something independently is to ask for help. For example, you could say, “Can you help Mommy set the table?” or “Can you help Daddy carry in the groceries?” Then give your child one simple task and demonstrate it if necessary. For example, you might say, “Take these forks and put one beside each plate like this.” Or “Carry this bag into the kitchen and put it on the counter.” 

Bee My Baby Child Care is One of the Best Daycares in Lakewood

Our curriculum helps children of all ages to learn independence. Our infants and toddlers program, preschool age programprekindergarden program, and even our after school program all promote independence and teach children to be creative, confident thinkers. Contact us today for more information.