The Best Preschools in North Olmsted Know the Importance of Teaching Honesty

Honesty is not something you can define for your child. You have to model it for them. As one of the best preschools in North Olmsted, Bee My Bay Daycare would like to share some pointers with you about how to model honesty at home.

Lies to Avoid

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As a parent, sometimes you might feel it is easier to lie to your child rather than tell the truth. Not a good idea! Here are two good examples of topics that can temp you to lie to your child:

  • Discussing death. Don’t lie about death or avoid the subject as being too difficult for the child to understand. Rather, listen to his questions and answer them honestly with age-appropriate responses.
  • Discussing talent. We are in the age where a child receives a trophy for everything. This makes  it more difficult to be honest about his or her ability. Don’t give a child false praise. Instead, praise your child for good effort and hard work. Encourage your child to improve.

Children Learn from Their Parents

Children see everything you do and make assumptions about how they are to live their lives by following your examples. Here are some easy practices about honesty for you to follow:

  • Always tell the truth. Emphasize the importance of this in all situations, even if it gets a person in trouble. Give an example of how telling a lie has results in hurting someone else.
  • Always keep your promises you make to your child. If there is doubt about whether you can or not, don’t make the promise.

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