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Daycares Cleveland, OH Moms and Dads prefer are more than just a place to play. However, Cleveland parents know that playing is actually a wonderful way for children to learn. While playing, children develop important skills, such as problem solving, creativity, and risk taking. 

A child goes through these six stages of play: unoccupied, solitary, spectator, parallel, associate, cooperative. 

Daycares Cleveland, North Olmsted

Unoccupied Play (0 – 3 month)

A baby is just making a lot of movements with its arms, legs, hands, etc. At Bee My Baby, we interact with babies as they discover how their bodies move. We respond to them with touch, words, and songs.

Solitary Play (3 months – 2 years)

A toddler is not much interested in playing with other children at this age. For children in this stage, Bee My Baby provides numerous teaching-type toys. 

Spectator/Onlooker Behavior (2 years)

A child begins to watch other children play but doesn’t want to play with them. Our 2-year-olds  have many opportunities to watch the older children play at Bee My Baby. 

Parallel Play (2+ years) 

At this stage, a child is still not interested in playing with others but will play alongside them. During this stage, we encourage children to play at the same time with things like blocks. We also have activity tables where children sit together but play individually. 

Associate Play (3 – 4 years)

A child interacts with others during play but not in a cooperative way. For example, several children are all playing at the same time on playground equipment. They have some interaction but are all doing different things (climbing, sliding, swinging, etc.). Bee My Baby facilitates this stage of play by providing indoor and outdoor areas for groups of children to play at the same time.

Cooperative Play (4+ years) 

Children begin to actually play together at four. At this age, play activities at Bee My Baby teach children how to interact with others and behave in social situations. 

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Bee My Baby, serving the Cleveland area, is one of the premier preschools North Olmsted OH has to offer and we also have a preschool / daycare location in Lakewood, OH as well. Please contact us or request info to learn more about all we have to offer.