The Ohio Child Care Assistance Program Helps Families in Cleveland Ohio

Bee My Baby Childcare is a licensed preschool and a participant in Ohio’s Step Up to Quality program. As a participant in this program, we can accept students who receive Ohio child care assistance funds from the state. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) offers this financial assistance to eligible parents. The purpose is to help with child care costs while parents are working, in job training, or in school. 

Who Can Get Ohio Child Care Assistance? 

Ohio Child Care Assistance

Every day in Ohio, approximately 285,000 children receive care outside the home at licensed facilities. More than 116,000 of that number receive financial assistance for child care each month. 

To become eligible for publicly funded child care, a family’s income must be below 130 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). The state may require you to pay for part of your child care in the form of a copayment. Your gross income and family size determines the amount you pay as the copayment. 

The 2021 FPL guidelines ranges from $17,420 for a family of two up to $44,660 for a family of eight. 

How Do You Apply?

So, if you believe you qualify for assistance, you can apply on line at the ODJFS website: You also can download a paper application from this site.

Bee My Baby Provides the Highest Quality Care

Our participation in Step Up to Quality means that your child will experience the highest quality child care and education available in Ohio. It also means that our management staff and teaching staff receive more training and education than typically required. 

We dedicate ourselves to meeting and exceeding the rigorous requirements of the Step Up to Quality program. That’s why the Bee My Baby Child Care Centeres are the best daycares Cleveland Ohio has to offer.