Sensory Play in Ohio’s Best Daycares and Preschools

Many of our favorite memories involve the senses. The smell of your grandmother’s cookies or hearing a song from your favorite childhood television show you loved. For young children, sensory play is important for brain development. It also aids those nerve connections that establish sensory memories. That’s why Ohio’s best daycares make sensory activities a large part of the curriculum

Sensory play is also a good vehicle for language development. While playing, children are hear and use new words.  Even if a child is too young to talk, it is amazing how much they pick up.

Sensory Play Is Important For All Five Senses

Ohio's Best Daycares Use Sensory Play

Sensory play helps children understand the world around them by using their senses. Each sense is important. The following are activities that help activate each sense.

  • Touch.  What child doesn’t love play dough?  The texture of it and the many shapes they can make with it will engage your child for hours. finger painting is also an excellent sensory activity.
  • Taste.  Encourage children to taste a variety of foods. A fun activity to differentiate tastes is to blindfold them, letting them guess what they’re tasting.Smell. Fill bottles with different spices and citruses. Then have the children identify each smell and what they associate that smell with.
  • Hearing. Take the children outside for a scavenger hunt.  Have a list of sounds they are to identify and then mark it off their list. Include such items as the wind as it blows through trees and the chirping of birds.
  • Sight.  Memory games are fun and educational On a tray, collect 10-15 items and give the child a minute to obverse the items. Remove the tray and test their memory by having them recall the items or ask specific questions about the items.

Bee My Baby Is One of Ohio’s Best Daycares

At Bee My Baby, sensory play is a large part of the curriculum. Call us for information about our curriculum or click to learn more our participation in the Ohio Step Up to Quality Program. We are proud to provide the highest levels of childcare in Ohio.