Does Your Child Have Separation Anxiety at Daycare?

Some children are uneasy about changes. They show it in their behavior and their level of anxiety. The first day of daycare can be difficult for both child and parent. Most children will experience some form of separation anxiety. And, of course,  that makes the parent feel bad. The child’s separation anxiety could last for a few days. But usually, the child acclimates quickly. 

separation anxiety at daycare

Your Child Is in Good Hands with Our Skilled Staff at Bee My Baby

It’s difficult for a parent to leave a child at daycare when that child is crying or having a meltdown. We understand that. You may want to stay and try to calm or appease your child, but don’t give in to this impulse.  It is better if you leave immediately and let our staff get the child settled in. 

The daycare program at Bee My Baby is so engaging that separation anxiety is not usually a problem. In fact, children usually stop crying a few minutes after the parent is gone. Our infant and toddler daycare in North Olmsted and Lakewood, Ohio are among Cleveland’s finest. 

Tip for Heading Off Separation Anxiety at Daycare

Talking with a child about changes before they occur can make a child feel more comfortable. Reading books about the “first day” of school can help young children. And books, such as Audrey Penn’s “The Kissing Hand,” can help children with separation anxiety. It is the story of a mother raccoon who kisses her child’s hand so he can take the kiss with him through the day. It illustrates that a child can feel close to his mother when separated. 

Other ways to be close to a child while separated is to give the child a token. This could be a  small stone, a glass pebble, or a trinket. The child can keep it in a pocket and touch it during the day if missing mom or dad.