The Child Care Centers Cleveland Parents Prefer

Child Care Centers Cleveland Parent Trust

Bee My Baby is one of the Child Care Centers Cleveland parents choose because of our commitment to the whole child. Education is important, yes. But we teach more than just the ABC’s. We know there are life skills that kids need to be learning too. One of the life skills we teach is being a friend. 

Many children discover their first friend in preschool. So, at Bee My Baby, we want to create an environment where a child could make a friend that will last a lifetime.

Teaching Friendship Skills

Many times, children don’t know how to be a friend. The teachers at Bee My Baby Child Care want to share some of things we teach to help your child make friends. You might try some of these things at home too.

  • Learning to share. Sharing painting supplies or play dough with classmates is one way we encourage them to share the same items. If children fight over a toy, we encourage the children to think of a way to resolve the problem. We let them devise a system where each child gets a turn. 
  • Making friends. Some children are quite shy and need encouragement. We show children how to begin talking to others with role play and puppets. 
  • Developing qualities that make a good friend. Empathy helps a child understand and relate to others. We talk about their emotions and those of others. 

Bee My Baby – the Child Care Centers Cleveland Parents Trust

At Bee My Baby Child Care Centers, we know that parents are trusting us with their children. And we strive to earn that trust every day. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care and exceptional education.  We hope you will visit one of our two locations for a tour: North Olmsted and Lakewood.