The Top Daycares in Cleveland Know What To Do When Toddlers Say “No”

All new parents are anxious for their child to begin talking.  But when your toddler says “no” to every request you have, you begin to wonder what you wished for. It’s a difficult stage to weather for sure. But in this blog, we share some of the techniques that Bee My Baby Child Care, one of the top daycares in Cleveland, uses in these situations. 

React By Not Reacting

Arguing with a toddler is useless. When he says “no,” ignoring his response is one way to avoid tears. Rather than trying to explain why the “no” response isn’t appropriate, walk away from the situation until you and the child have cooled down and begun to think of other things. 

Rather than criticizing your child’s bad behavior, start a new activity. Then you can praise him while enjoying doing something else when his behavior is better.

Distract Your Child

Find ways to get your child’s attention off the “no” behavior. This will result in a happier mood for everyone.  Here are some ways to redirect a child’s attention:

  • Ask the child to help you do small tasks.  This will make him feel like a grown up and he can take pride in helping his parent. 
  • Change the scene. Take your child to a new spot where he can see something different.  
  • Start reading a book or singing a song. 

Provide Options

Instead of asking your child “yes” or “no” questions, give your child options. When a “no” is the child’s response to a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, give him two choices. This will make him feel like he has a say in what he eats. Lunch will be  more enjoyable for you both.

Bee My Baby Childcare Is One of the Top Daycares in Cleveland 

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